Why come to Finca Marisa

We first want make you understand who we are, our values and how is the atmosphere at Finca Marisa.
We are a family of five people, who two years ago arrive for the first time in Lanzarote and were struck by the beauty and authenticity of the island. But still we did not know that it was the beginning of our new life. in the following months we travelled in different place, as it is in our nature, always in adventure, always backpacking trips looking for the perfect place to start a new life.

Yes, start a new life…. are so many years that we are not happy in the place where we live and always talking to leave everything and move to a better place.

Leave our country, Italy, and start to live a more aware, genuine and no-stress life. We are tired of living to work and not being able to enjoy anything, surrounded by false values.

Then in December of 2013 a series of events have brought us yet to the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura and in the following months have happened several coincidences and opportunities and in May we are again here in Lanzarote. even the nature, still life, still we. We begun to take root, we felt immediately at home.

We travelled the island for few month than finally met Finca Marisa, who like a bolt from the blue came into our lives, just for fun, and hit them, kidnapped and transformed. And so we started this new adventure, so different from our lives, from our entrepreneurial experience. There was enough to cross the threshold to feel at home. Simply home. This is the Finca Marisa for us. we want the same for you. Peace, nature, simplicity.

This should be Finca Marisa for you. For us, every clients is important, is how to host a friend. 
We want you feel at home, and enjoy in sharing, friendship and relaxation atmosphere.
We traveled so much and tried so many facilities around the world. This made us understand what tourists expect, what he want and what make him feel at home.

We handle every room as if it were our home, with the same care and passion. We are sure that you will not regret coming to Finca Marisa. We are sure that you will appreciate and love this place. we are waiting!