Tinajo has the most unique landscapes of the island geography, not surprisingly a 64’6% of its territory is under some form of protection. Timanfaya National Park, Natural Park of the Volcanoes, Landscape protected from Geria, Cave Naturalists.

The Consistory advocates a different leisure offer traditional sun and beach, so it has proper five paths or routes for the enjoyment of local people and those who visit us. We believe that knowledge of our natural, scenic, environmental, and traditional values is the formula to bet on their protection and conservation.



1st Route: “La Costa – La Santa”

perfil_1This route is in the northern part of town where you can see the first stretch zone “coast” (not suitable for cultivation areas) used in the work of grazing. We will go to the coastline, with its small coves and steep cliffs where the man of Tinajo has earned the most diverse and tasty seafood. On the horizon we can make out the islands that make up the Chinijo Archipelago Nature Reserve, to finish this journey in the fishing village of Santa.

DISTANCE: 6720 m DURATION: 2h 30min DIFFICULTY: Medium



2nd Route: “Teneza – Playa del Epiphany”

perfil_2To reach this route we will go to the people of Teneza, trascurriendo his tour of the northern coastal strip toward the Mallows. This route offers the charm of the lavas that led to the sea with its fanciful shapes, showing a cute show incoming outgoing, beaches and cliffs sculpted by the incessant beat of the Atlantic Ocean.

DISTANCE: 3700 m DURATION: 1h 30min DIFFICULTY: Medium



3rd Route: “Miradero – The Mallows”

perfil_3On this route we can admire volcanic structures embedded in lava fields like “aa” as that term is Hawaiian. In Canary Malpais the word refers to the characteristics of these flows, generated from viscous lavas that move slowly on the ground and where we find it impossible to walk. In the final area of ​​the volcano tour contrast with the blue sea make mallows unmatched print.

DISTANCE: 8800 m DURATION: 3h 00min DIFFICULTY: Medium




4th Route: “Mancha Blanca – Caldera Blanca”

perfil_4This route is nestled in the Natural Park of the Volcanoes, this park is mainly composed of materials related to volcanic eruptions in 1730-36 and around those buildings that castings could not overcome, this is the case of Caldera Blanca. This boiler is a hydromagmatic volcano (these volcanoes are characterized by flattened cones with craters large diameter to increase explosiveness to interact water and magma). From the top we can admire the National Park of Timanfaya.

DISTANCE: 5800 m DURATION: 2h 40min DIFFICULTY: Medium



5th Road, “Ortiz – Tinguatón”

perfil_5This walk represents the understanding, development and respect for the farmer to the natural environment. During the tour we can see traditional integrated farming in impressive golf virgins lavas, in perfect harmony. In its last stretch pass along the chapel of Los Dolores and the hamlet of Tinguatón.

DISTANCE: 11500 m DURATION: 4h 00min DIFFICULTY: Medium



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